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About Us

We are your BEST option for all your technology needs!

Repair any iPhone, iPad, Samsung, all cell phones, Macbook, PC, all computers, apple watch, Samsung gear watch, and more!

Efficiency is key to offer the lowest prices at the highest quality. 30 day return policy and 90 day satisfaction guarantee ensure your 100% satisfaction.

  Our goal is to make your experience with your phone, tablet, watch, computer, etc as exciting and enjoyable as possible. By perfectly re manufacturing these devices we maintain the original functionality and feel that the original manufacturer intended.


Our flagship store is located in Ypsilanti. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality, at the lowest prices. You can buy with confidence knowing our quality is of the highest degree. Any issues, can be resolved easily as long as the device has no signs of physical damage. We provide 1 day express delivery for domestic and international customers. Best of all, you can call or Walk into a local retail location 365 days a year! Best deals are always in the store!  Keep your eyes open for deals featured on,, and more! 


We are the world's leading electronic customization company. Our designs are the best and we have the most options! Check out our instagram with many of your favorite celebrities, artists, actors, athletes, and more!